A message from Digger MacDougall, Sing Canada Legacy Program Chair

A letter from Digger MacDougall, Sing Canada Legacy Program Chair:

I am posting this message to you to let you know that I have survived the cancer that invaded my body two years ago and that I have resumed my duties as a board member with Sing Canada Harmony.  I feel pretty lucky because four of my classmates with whom I graduated from the Royal Military College in 1961, told me two years ago SingCanadaHarmony100Clr300dpi 3that they too had cancer, and they have since passed away.  How they got to the head of the line in front of me, I don’t know, but I think it’s safe to assume that I have been given an opportunity to continue my work in making Canada a better place through singing.

We, the men and women Barbershoppers of Canada, have opportunities thrown our way everyday, whether we recognize them are not.  I believe this is such a time, and I would like to invite you to help me give the gift of song to a deserving Canadian student, youth or child; or an adult man or woman who works with youth and children to help them sing; or perhaps, a Barbershopper or other singer who needs financial support so that they can attend training in leadership, board operations, directing/conducting choruses and choral groups or just help members and leaders of community and school choirs to achieve their potential as worthy Canadian singers.

I am reaching out to you to help us continue Sing Canada Harmony’s great work to ensure that there will be someone who will sing tomorrow and someone to lead singers throughout all the communities and schools of Canada.  I am asking you to get involved and make a donation that will help us change lives. For as little as $150 we can support the tuition for a student to attend Harmony Explosion Camp; for $600 we can support the tuition for a music educator from your community to attend Harmony University; and, for $1000 we can help support the purchase of sheet music for a children’s or youth choir.  These are reasonable gifts with a huge payoff, that I’m asking you to consider.

Many people have told me that the year-end period between Canadian Thanksgiving and Christmas, is the best time to give for income tax reasons.  I believe it is also a great time to give, because it puts us in the spirit to celebrate all the things that has made life so precious to us.

So, I am asking you to consider a gift of song and join Barbershoppers and other Canadians coast to coast.  As we reach out to youth, children and the adults who help them sing.  Your donation, no matter how small, will be used to ensure that someone will sing tomorrow in the schools and communities of Canada and that Barbershop Harmony will prevail.

Please donate now by clicking here, and or by sending a cheque or money order to Sing Canada Harmony, 92 Brightondale Close SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 4M7. We will acknowledge your gift and send you an income tax receipt
Feel free to dedicate your gift to someone special or a love one who has passed away. We will send a note to the dedicated someone or the surviving family for in memoriam gifts

We thank all Barbershoppers, and singers of every genre of music, for making our communities stronger through vocal music. You know the importance of music to Canadians everywhere and you are showing it through your contributions and performances. We are grateful for your support.

If you would like to speak directly with me concerning some of our giving programs or how we recognize individuals, and singing groups for their individual or community leadership, just drop me a line at legacy@SingCanadaHarmony.ca

J. R. Digger MacDougall

Chair, Legacy Program
Sing Canada Harmony