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Thank you for your interest in donating to Sing Canada Harmony and ensuring someone will sing tomorrow. Giving levels may be recognized in conjunction with programs supported by Harmony Foundation, the Barbershop Harmony Society, Sweet Adelines International, and/or Harmony, Inc. Please notify us if you would like your donation earmarked for a specific cause (e.g. youth, OYA, etc.)

If paying by cheque, please send to:

Sing Canada Harmony
C/O James Thexton - Treasurer 
92 Brightondale Close SE
Calgary, AB
T2Z 4MZ 

Individual Donations
Performing Group Donations
Tribute Donations
Planned Giving

Individual Donations

Ambassadors of Song
We believe the world is a better place when there is singing. Singing brings enjoyment for a lifetime, to both the singer and the listener. You can do a whole lot of good for only a few dollars a month. Sponsor a scholarship for someone to attend a Harmony Explosion Camp with a gift of $60. Singing can start young people in a lifetime activity that will give them and others more than they could ever imagine.
Anyone wishing to embark on a planned giving program may donate a minimum of $120.00 per year. For as little as $10.00 per month payable through this website on your credit card, you can sponsor one young person’s admission to a Harmony Explosion Camp or similar program. This is a program that all barbershoppers can afford to participate in, one that will probably lead to a lifetime of planned philanthropy. There is no better way to get started, doing your part to ensure that future generations will benefit immeasurably from your gift, no matter the size.
Ambassador of Song donors enjoy the following benefits:

Ambassador of Song - Coach

Starts at $360/year; $30/month


Ambassador of Song - Mentor

Starts at $600/year; $50/month


Ambassador of Song - Sponsor

Starts at $120/year; $10/month


President's Council
This is the Annual Leadership Giving Program of Sing Canada Harmony. It is an honour to accept an invitation to join as a member of the President’s Council and help make possible today the vital programs that change young lives through singing. This program is designed to fund ongoing programs, where financial support is required to meet present day needs.
President's Council - Partner donors enjoy the following benefits:

President's Council - Partner

Starts at $1,000/year; $84/month


President's Council - Counsellor

Starts at $2,500/year; $209/month


President's Council - Advisor

Starts at $5,000/year; $417/month


President's Council - Director

Starts at $10,000/year; $834/month


Performing Group Donations

Champions of Tomorrow



Ensemble of Excellence



Tribute Donations

A gift to celebrate a special person in your life
It can be difficult to find words that describe the truly special times in our lives and the special people in our lives. How do you express the joy of a newborn life or the grief for a lost loved one or the gratitude for a lifetime of support and friendship? Or, how do you just express a message of love and caring to someone special on a birthday, an anniversary or some other special day?

There is a way to demonstrate these unspoken sentiments with a powerful, positive action. Use one of the giving methods below and let Sing Canada Harmony communicate the special message that your contribution will send.

Living Tribute

Contribute on behalf of a person or group
Tax receipts issues for donations of $20 or more


In Memoriam

Contribute on behalf of a deceased individual
Tax receipts issued for donations of $20 or more. When in memoriam donations reach $1,000, the name of the loved one is added to the Keep A Melody Ringing plaque at BHS Headquarters in Nashville, TN


Planned Giving

Founders Club

This program involves planned giving, whereby a Member irrevocably donates investment portfolios, life insurance policies or other assets to Sing Canada Harmony for the benefit of future generations of a capella singers. Founder’s Club members often are also members of the President’s Council so that their philanthropy benefits both present and future generations. Founder’s Club donations are usually end-of-life gifts whereby the donor wills part of his/her estate to Sing Canada Harmony. This program can be a very valuable part of tax and estate planning.
Members of the Founder’s Club receive the following immediate benefits:
Founder’s Club Reception at Midwinter Convention
Name permanently placed on Sing Canada Harmony website
Name badges
Annual report
Estate and retirement planning made available
The minimum donation to be a Founder’s Club Member is $10,000.00, none of which is payable immediately. However, any gift willed to Sing Canada Harmony must be done irrevocably.

The Founder's Club is a planned giving program. The purpose is to preserve this special musical tradition.


Starting at $10,000



Starting at $25,000



Starting at $50,000